December 11, 2011

Outside of the Box

Today I had a brand new experience……snowshoe running!  Funny thing about it though was no snow!  There were predictions of lake effect snow and cold for the weekend, so it seemed that one of my typical weekend runs with Bob was not in the cards.  Due to the seasonal weather, Bob suggested that we plan to go for a snowshoe run.  He snowshoe races in the winter time, wanted to prep for an upcoming race, and it is a great cross-training alternative.  So, today arrives, as did the cold air, but not even a trace of snow.  We strapped on the snowshoes anyway and did laps in the park on the frozen, grassy ground.  It was invigorating and fun to try something new – interesting lower leg workout!

In the box: The “old” me would have opted to remain in my exceptionally comfortable bed with the electric blanket on high when my alarm went off.
Out of the box:  Advanced planning with Bob forced my cozy rear out of bed so that I could meet him at our agreed upon place/time regardless of freezing temps and wind.
In the box:  I hate being cold, I’m going to run on the treadmill (OK, let’s be honest – it’s more likely that I would have opted for more electric blanket time).
Out of the box:  Nothing that a goofy hat with ear flaps and wool mittens can’t handle….let’s just say that I was warm, but never to be considered for a Runner’s World cover shoot (I should mention that the outfit also involved a camouflage jacket...all you need to know is that I was running late and it seemed right at the moment.....snowshoes, earflaps, camo.....kind of all fits, right?).
In the box: No snow?  How could we possibly snowshoe without snow?
Out of the box:  Who needs snow?  Really, the only thing you need to snowshoe is…a pair of snowshoes.
In the box:  Routine runs, similar distances, steady paces, etc.
Out of the box:  Since I’m in my “off” season, I’ve been mixing it up a little with different activities with the goal of maintaining a base level of fitness and strength.
So whether you are trying to get motivated to start exercising or trying to find something interesting to do to stay fit, think outside of the box… might find you like it on the outside of that box you are in – even if you do have to wear a goofy hat!

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