January 22, 2013


I’ve never been one to announce that I have a New Year’s resolution.  It seems that anything worthy of that degree of focus and commitment should be decided upon at the time it is needed and not because the clock just struck midnight and we flipped yet another page on the calendar.  That being said, I do love seeing things like the renewed interest in fitness and diet at the New Year that strikes the masses – even though it has caused me a bit of stress these past few weeks when trying to find an open lane in which to swim.

Several years ago, however, I wrote a personal mission statement.  Sort of a resolution to be a better person moving forward.  It was written mid-year during a particularly challenging time that I was having.  Initially, it was an assignment for a leadership training course.  But, unlike many other countless assignments I have completed because I “had to”, I took this one more seriously.  I pieced it together from statements and missions that I have run across over the years.  From my own thoughts on what is important and the person I want to be.

It’s flawed.  Every time I read it, I think of something else I might have included or worded differently.  Reading it reminds me that I’m also flawed and have to continue to work towards achieving the items listed.  But reading it also reminds me of and refreshes my resolve.  Resolve to be a better person, to serve others and to be a good mother.  It doesn’t contain the word resolution or resolve, but it does contain the word WILL many times.  Reading that mission statement reminds me of my determination to be positive and to be a better person regardless of the date on the calendar.


I will be a citizen of the world.

I will contribute more than I receive.

I will be accountable to my family and to the community in which we live.

I will be open to possibilities and will avoid the downward spiral of negative thinking.

I will live a full life.

I will teach my children to be successful members of society.

Through actions more than words, I will value and promote honesty, integrity, fairness, equality, and tolerance.

 I will live my life so, that when I die, the world cries and I rejoice.



  1. very thoughtful. thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Very inspirational writing. Imagine if everyone shared your values and passion!Bob Mc


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