February 20, 2013

Love-hate relationships

I really like workouts or drives in the car where my mind can just wander, I can think about "stuff" or nothing at all.  This week must have been a particularly slow news week in my brain - as this is one of the resulting rambles during a recent "mindless/effortless" continuous swim.  After reading this, you will probably have a love - hate relationship with this blog:
I love to work out in the morning….I hate getting out of bed.
I love that I train six days a week......I hate that it takes so much planning and coordination to fit it in to our schedules.
I love swimming……I hate getting wet.
I love to eat……I hate cooking.
I love my new Green Monster (Kurt Kinetic Road Machine bike trainer)…..I hate that it kicks my ass with only one moveable part.
I love to cross the finish line….I hate that I almost puke every time.
I love that I’ve been registered as a potential bone marrow donor for over a decade…..I hate that I have yet to be a match for someone……only 1% of people registered are ever a match for those in need. (www.bethematch.org ) - totally random info - but please register if you haven't already!
I love running…..I hate that my middle aged joints don’t like it as much as I do.
I love that I have an occupation that serves others and (hopefully) makes a positive contribution to their health AND I love that I can get paid for doing it…..I hate the fact I have to be indoors at work every day and can’t wear my jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers.
I love cycling…..well that’s not true….I LIKE cycling…..I hate that I don’t love it yet.

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