April 21, 2012


I had a fabulous thing happen last weekend…..Tony asked me to go for a bike ride.

Let me tell you about my friend Tony.  He’s a good man.  He’s an athlete.  He’s a veteran.   Tony played basketball in Europe when he was in the service.   He’s 82 years old.  He is a cancer survivor….he battled that cancer with grace and determination.  Cancer that deposited a tumor in his brain that had to be removed last year and treated with many, many rounds of chemo therapy.    This year, Tony is back on his bike and he asked me to go for a ride.

Tony loaded up our bikes and we drove to a local bike path.  We rode side by side for an hour at a super steady pace and had easy conversation.  Tony taught me several things about the area, I learned a little more about his family and his own history.  He taught me about his love of biking and exercise.  And best of all, Tony taught me about quality.

Riding with Tony I was able to focus on maintaining good form on the bike.  I concentrated on maintaining a high cadence throughout the entire ride.  I didn’t worry about how fast I was going, or what my heart rate was, or how many miles we were logging.  I focused instead on the position of my feet as the pedals turned and the position my head and neck were in while I was riding.  I tried to shift my gears well to maintain the same cadence during the entire ride.  I focused on how great it was to be cycling and to be cycling well.  I focused on the quality of my ride and on quality of life for an entire hour.

Tony reminded me by example that, even though you may not be able to ride really fast or ride for a really long distance, the joy is in the ride.  He is a true role model for all of us.

Thank you, Tony.

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