March 16, 2012

The Perfect Storm

I had a total loss of control tonight.  It happens once in awhile.  I completely overeat.  Not only do I eat way too much, but it is way too much of all the wrong stuff.  Why do I never eat too much of the right stuff?  Although there may be gastrointestinal consequences, would eating way too many carrots or way too much broccoli ever really constitute overeating?  Anyway, tonight I ate sausage pizza, chicken wings smothered in blue cheese dressing, chicken parm, and baked ziti.  The one redeeming thing I ingested was a large glass of milk.  If only I had that first…….

I ate all of these things not in “small, I want to sample everything” portions, but rather in “this item is the only thing I’ll be eating for the next 24 hours” portions.  Yikes!  Why does this happen?  How does this happen?  How is it physically possible?  So many questions, so few take out boxes.
I’ll tell you what I think happens.  I’ll call it…….THE PERFECT STORM:
1)      I have had a really busy week.  Maybe a little stress thrown in from work or just life in general.  Definitely feeling like I don’t have much positive energy left.
2)      I (surprisingly) have had a really good week of training/working out (this helps to justify the excessive caloric intake).
3)      I don’t pay attention to my food intake during the day and by the end of the day/time for dinner, I’m starving.
4)      Someone (not placing blame here, but tonight my husband called in the order for delivery) places an extraordinary amount of carbohydrate-rich, sodium- infused, fat-laden goodness in front of me and, before I know what has happened,……..
I find myself swirling in The Perfect Storm and experiencing a total loss of control……someone throw me a life preserver!  Or at least an antacid!

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